iWASEL Pro 1.7.0

iWASEL Pro (VPN for secure browsing)

iWASEL Pro (VPN for secure browsing)

iWASEL is a leading virtual private network service supplier that was developed especially to enable Internet users in MENA of bypassing Internet surveillance and accessing blocked web contents and services. What a virtual private network (or VPN) does is that it uses any ordinary Internet connection, whether it's WiFi, ADSL or data connection to establish a secure connection between the users device, whether it's a laptop or a smartphone, and a VPN server that is usually in a different geographic location that the users'.

In this way, the user will be able to change their IP address into another of their choice, hiding their true IP address and therefore hiding their current location to guarantee maintaining their anonymity and privacy

Multiple VPN protocols

Variety of secure payment methods including Bitcoin

User friendly interface

Online customer support team

Blazing speed servers in more than 10 different geographic locations

Free trial

Money back guarantee

iWASEL VPN offers the user a wide selection of protocols (L2TP, OpenVPN over SSH, TCP or UDP). All protocols feature 256-bit encryption.

With the increasing numbers of US and UK expats in MENA, iWASEL constantly adds more USA and UK VPN servers so they can access services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer wherever they are.

iWASEL VPN can be used on different operating systems in 3 different methods; downloading iWASEL VPN app, L2TP VPN manual configuration and using standard OpenVPN client.



iWASEL Pro 1.7.0

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